I am an Assistant Professor at Cornell Computer Science.

My research aims to build robots that work seamlessly alongside human partners in the wild. To this end, my work focuses on imitation learning, decision making and human robot interaction. I am interested in domains where a robot continually interacts with humans such as self-driving and collaborative mobile manipulation.

I work part-time at Aurora, where we use machine learning to enable safe, human-like driving. I did my Postdoc at University of Washington and Ph.D. in Robotics at Carnegie Mellon University. Much of my research has been deployed on real-world robot systems — full-scale helicopters, self-driving cars, and mobile manipulators.

Selected News

July '22 Excited to start my new group, PoRTAL, at Cornell!
June '22 Congrats to Gokul! Our paper on Causal imitation learning was selected for Long talk at ICML 2022. Check out the website for more info.
June '22 Come check out our ICML paper on superhuman imitation learning with Brian Ziebart and gang from Aurora.
April '22 Guest lecture in F1Tenth on Imitation Learning in self-driving.
April '22 Talk at UW Robotics Colloqium.
Feb '22 Giving a talk at USC CS Colloqium.
Jan '22 Excited to share a talk on Interactive Imitation Learning that I gave at Stanford Robotics Seminar. Covers some of my current work at Aurora and future research that my lab at Cornell will be focusing on!
Jan '22 I recently started putting out a series of online lectures. Check out Imitation Learning: A Series of Deep Dives, Core Concepts in Robotics and Interactive Online Learning.
Dec '21 Congrats to Gokul! Our paper on causal imitation learning was selected as an oral at multiple NeurIPS workshops (Offline RL , Safe RL, Causal Sequential Decisions)! Check out the website for more info.
Oct '21 I will be speaking at BARS 2021 about our learned decision making and interactive forecasting.
Oct '21 Excited to share the cutting edge self-driving tech behind the Aurora Driver! We use machine learning to make better driving decisions. Checkout how our learned decision making and interactive forecasting approach enables safe, human-like driving.
June '21 Excited to start at Cornell CS in July 2022! If you are a student interested in working with me, feel free to reach out.
Feb '21 Our paper on Game-theoretic Imitation Learning was accepted to ICML'21 -- check out paper,code and video.
Jan '21 Our paper on blending MPC and Value Function accepted at ICLR 2021.