2019 - Present


Self-driving, Aurora, Planning

Working with an amazing team to develop and deliver self-driving, safely, broadly and quickly.

2018 - 2019


Fleet of Autonomous Racecars, Full-stack

Leading a team of students to design a fleet of low-cost autonomous RC cars. The platform is equipped with a suite of sensors and can travel up to speeds of 22m/s. The goal for this platform is to use if for education, for testing algorithms and for a low entry barrier to running robot experiments.

2018 - 2019


Mobile Manipulator, Planning

Developing a motion planning stack for a mobile manipulation platform ROMAN for ARL’s RCTA project. The robot is capable to lifting up to 25kg. The base has tracks allowing it to traverse over difficult terrain. The goal for this robot is to clear a pile of heavy debris autonomously.

2013 - 2017


Full-scale Helicopter, Planning

Developed the motion planning software pipeline for a full-scale autonomous helicopter for ONR’s AACUS project. The robot can fly up to 60m/s and sense up to 1200m. The software was evaluated on multiple platforms: Boeing’s Unmanned Little Bird and Bell 206 Jetranger.



Large Hexarotor, Planning

Developed the motion planning software for a hexarotor platform belonging to Near Earth Autonomy. The platform is a DJI-M600 that flies up to 15m/s. It has two VLP-16 sensors with 100m range.



Small Quadrotor, Planning

Developed the motion planning software for a quadrotor platform assembled by AirLab. The platform is a DJI-M100 that flies up to 5m/s. It has a Hokyuo laser with 18m range.



PixHawk Trajectory Tracker, Planning

Implemented a spline trajectory tracker for a PX4 unit using a differentially flat controller. The code was tested on a custom quadrotor platform flying indoors.

2012 - 2013


Large Octorotor, Planning

Developed the motion planning software for a custom octorotor platform tasked with autonomously exploring river banks. The robot can fly up to 3m/s and sense upto 18m.



Helicopter Sensor Head, Hardware, Perception

Wrote software drivers for a sensor suite that is mounted on a full-scale helicopter and is capable of actively tracking a landing site on a shipdeck. The sensor suite has 3 cameras, SICK LDMRS laser GPS INS and time server board. I also worked on the registration and particle filter pipeline.