HAL, 2022-Present

Home Apprentice Learner (HAL) aims to help humans automate daily tasks around the house. Since HAL is an apprentice, it can learn a new task, such as clean up after dinner, only from a few human demonstrations.


Self-driving, 2019-Present

Working with an amazing team at Aurora to develop and deliver self-driving, safely, broadly and quickly.


MuSHR , 2018-2019

Led a team of students to design a fleet of low-cost autonomous RC cars. The hardware and software is completely open-sourced , and intended for education and research.


RoMan, 2018-2019

Developing the motion planning stack for a mobile manipulation platform RoMan for ARL RCTA project. The robot can navigate over difficult terrain, lift weights of up to 25 kg, and clear a pile of debris autonomously.


Full-scale Helicopter, 2012 - 2017

Developed the motion planning software pipeline for a full-scale autonomous helicopter for ONR AACUS project. The platform flies at 60m/s and can sense up to 1200m. The software was evaluated on multiple platforms: Boeing’s Unmanned Little Bird and Bell 206 Jetranger.


Long Term Autonomy UAV, 2017

Developed the planning software for a hexarotor (DJI-M600) platform that executes missions for over 2 hours in an obstacle course flying at speeds of upto 15 m/s.


Terrain Exploring UAV, 2017

Developed a quadcopter (DJI-M100) that navigates over diverse terrains avoiding obstacles like hills, trees, electric wires at high speeds of upto 5 m/s.


Shipdeck Exploring UAV, 2015

Developed a quadcopter for autonomously exploring the inside of an unmapped ship relying on only a floor plan.


River Exploring UAV, 2012-2013

Developed an octocopter that autonomously explores and maps out river banks, avoiding obstacles at speeds of upto 3 m/s


Helicopter Sensor Head, 2012

Developed sensor suite mounted on a full-scale helicopter for actively tracking a landing site on a shipdeck.