About me

I am a Postdoctoral fellow at the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington. I work at the Personal Robotics Lab with Professor Siddhartha Srinivasa. I focus on theory and algorithms at the intersection of machine learning and motion planning to solve problems face by real-world robots. My work has been deployed on full-scale helicopters, UAVs, racecars and manipulators.

I have a PhD from The Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, where I was advised by Sebastian Scherer. My thesis introduced the fundamental problem of adaptive motion planning. I also developed the motion planning architecture for an autonomous full-scale helicopter as part of the AACUS project sponsored by the Office of Naval Research (ONR).

I am a Siebel’s Scholar, class of 2013.

Selected News

August 2019Presenting our year-long effort on MuSHR, an open-source robotic racecar! Checkout Allen School News and Geekwire articles, or read the full paper.
Aug 2019I'm giving an invited talk at ONR Science of Autonomy 2019.
Jun 20192 papers accepted to IROS 2019, 1 paper at ISRR 2019, 2 journal papers accepted to JFR!
Jun 2019Mohak presenting our paper on Leveraging Experience in Lazy Search at RSS 2019.
May 2019Congratulations to Aditya for Best Student Paper Award for our paper on Generalized Lazy Search at ICAPS 2019!
Apr 2019I'll be teaching a course on Mobile Robotics this quarter at University of Washington featuring brand new lectures and robot cars!
Feb 2019I'm giving an invited talk at MSR Montreal.
Jun 2018I am excited to be selected as a RSS Pioneer.
May 2018AACUS wins the Howard Hughes Award!
Feb 2018AACUS nominated for Collier Trophy! Previous winners include Apollo 11 and Boeing 747 teams.
Feb 2018I defended my PhD on Adaptive Motion Planning! My thesis and talk are both available.
May 2016I spent a lovely summer at Microsoft Research where I worked with Debadeepta Dey, Ashish Kapoor and Gireeja Ranade on imitation learning for POMDPs.
May 2014I received the Best Paper Award for my paper on Planner Ensemble in AHS 2014!
May 2010I founded the Kharagpur Robosoccer Group and led a team to the FIRA Robot World Cup